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School Closure Work

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School Closure Work
by Kao Admin - Tuesday, 8 November 2016, 8:17 AM

Dear All (Updated 08:17 08/11/16)

Please find below details of the work to be completed during the school closure.  Additional posts will detail fresh work as it is set.

Most work should be complete electronically, but if you have your books then you can use those as well.


Yr 12 and 13 - complete all active learn tasks set regardless of due dates - Ms Presland

Yr 12 - complete the work in the school closure section of the Year 12 Biology course

Year 11 Class 1-  Use Activelearn to complete the following work.  Answer questions from Pages 12-14 ( Protein Synthesis, Mutation, Enzymes) of the Ebook (Type these up).  Help will also be found on Moodle Year 10 Biology B2 Topic 1 folder.

Then make sure you have notes and understand the following topics:

- Plant, Animal and Bacterial Cells

- DNA: Discovery and extraction

- Mitosis and Meiosis

- Clones

- Stem cells

(Help will be found on Moodle Year 10 Biology B2 Topic 1 folder (I suggest the youtube videos and/or BBC bitesize links)

Complete Activelearn task B2 Topic 1 Activities


Year 11 Class 2 - Complete Activelearn task called ‘Organisms and the Environment’

Year 10 Class 1 - Research the stages of mitosis: interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, cytokinesis. Write a description of what happens, and draw a cell for each stage showing the chromosomes.

Research stem cells, and their role in repair and growth in animals.

Complete Activelearn task Mitosis and Growth


Year 10 – Learn the symbols for the first 20 elements of the periodic table.

Read pages 22 and 23 of the Chemistry 9-1 text book about Isotopes and complete ALL QUESTIONS on Active learn tasks

Find out who Mendeleev was and what he did.


Year 11

Revise ALL of C1 for a past exam paper test next Monday :  Topics Early an Current Atmosphere, Rocks especially Limestone, Acids and alkalis, Electrolysis, How metals are extracted, the properties of metals, Crude oil and fractional distillation, Combustion, Climate Change, Acid rain,  Biofuels, What makes a good fuel, Cracking, Polymerisation, the problems with polymers


Year 12

Read Chapter 2:  Chemical bonding and structure especially Covalent bonding.  Find out what a dative or coordinate bond is.  Investigate how electron pair repulsion theory determines the shape of molecules and ions.   Search for and work through questions on RSC Starter for 10 Bonding


Year 13

•  Can you watch and   and read pg 96 and 97 answer Questions pg 97 1-3  on Storage Cells and Fuel

•  Thinking Bigger:  Electrolyte Revolution (pg 102) & Hydrogen Revolution (pg78)  – Questions and Activity

•  Complete Past Exam Questions on Redox Potentials given out last week

•  Look at Redox Titrations and calculations pg 98

Computer Science 

L3 BTEC students were advised to carry on working on the implementation of their CLI-based RPG game. - Mr Tshala

L3 BTEC – finalise Assignment A for Unit 8 – this needs to be submitted on Moodle on Wednesday. - Mrs Abegglen

11/CS1 – Moodle – What is a computer system? – first topic on Year 11 GCSE Computer Science course – download presentation, work through it in presentation mode – some of the images are hyperlinks to videos. Complete all the activities and upload to Moodle for marking.

Year 11 BTEC Level 2 – go to Moodle, BTEC ITL2 The Online World course. Second section is labelled Learning Aim Quizzes. Complete Learning Aim A quiz – you must score at least 25 out of 32.


Work through the activities and notes in the Economics Moodle Course in the section for this week (at the bottom)


Year 10 – Complete the work on An Inspector Calls in the School Closure Section of the Year 10 English Literature Moodle Course

Year 11 - Complete the work on the poem The Destruction of Sennacherib by, Lord Byron in the School Closure Section of the Year 11 English Language Moodle Course


Year 11X2 – Complete the Quality Assurance worksheet using the web links in the School Closure Section of the Level 2 BTEC Engineering Moodle Course

12/BTEC Engineering to continue on with redoing the Assessment paper questions to see where they went right and where they went wrong. I’ll devise a further formal assignment for them shortly.

Year 12 and 13 Continue with assignments that have already been set



Year 10 – Watch the Youtube videos on the causes of Flooding on the Moodle Course Page.  Then work through the Flood Management Task – building from the Mild Section, to the Spicy Section and stretch yourselves with the Hot Section.



Year 10 and 11 - Complete any outstanding exercises on Activelearn.  Try the Five-a-day questions from

There are also additional materials in the GCSE Year 10 Maths and GCSE Year 11 Maths courses


Year 10 - ActiveTeach p.190-193. Revise the present tense, both regular and irregular verbs, and complete the online exercises on p.191 and 193.

Year 11 - revise for Speaking Assessment on Thursday. Students have their books and all the help sheets they need to prepare and should really try to make the most of having these additional two days.

Sports Science

Ensure you have activated their BTEC books on Activelearn and read through the muscle section in unit 2 anatomy, completing the first set of checkpoint questions – Ms Presland

Read the textbook sections on quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods research and do all tasks/assignments set in the book. I’ll send them a full brief directly.  – Mr Taylor