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School Closure Work Update

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School Closure Work Update
by Kao Admin - Wednesday, 9 November 2016, 8:45 AM

Year 10 - Work on creative writing is in the Year 10 English Language course


Year 10 and 11 - Work in the GCSE History course on Moodle

Please study the section called the 3 crisis and open the documents under this section: read, complete the activities and make notes of important facts, people and events. 

As usual use the 5Ws to describe and explain the issues behind the Berlin wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis and Czechoslovakia.

The same topics are covered in the Active Learn book pages 106 to 125 and interactive activities can be completed there too.

ECDL / Computer Science

Year 10 On Moodle in the ECDL Presentations and Computer Science. Complete the nline quiz for ICT and Cisco binary game for Computing.